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Microderm Bi0-Brasion

Bloom Spa proudly presents the Bio-Brasion Trinity, a cutting-edge wet/dry microdermabrasion technology. With precision and comfort in mind, our system offers a tailored approach to skincare, allowing our expert therapists to customize treatments for your unique needs. This award-winning technology delivers rapid, transformative results while minimizing discomfort and reducing operational costs. Whether you're seeking a standalone rejuvenating experience or a foundational step in your comprehensive skincare regimen, the Bio-Brasion Trinity is here to elevate your skincare journey. Join us at Bloom Spa and embrace a new standard of radiant, healthy skin.




4-6 weeks treatnent

Full Bloom -$200 for 60 min
Beyond Bloom-$250 for 90 min w/ hand and shoulder massage

Full Bloom-60 minutes treatment
Beyond Bloom-90 minutes treatment

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Jet plasma


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