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At Bloom Spa, we offer a wide variety of facials that help with anti aging, acne, skin hydration, and dry/sensitive skin.


Our Budding includes a skin analyzation, double cleanse, exfoliation, face and décolleté massage, a mask appropriate for your skin the day you come in, and a relaxing arm, hand, shoulder, and facial massage infusing the most active ingredients into you skin. So, if you are looking for a gift of healthy skin and relaxation without the pricing of a more extended facial, check out our Budding Facial at Bloom Spa. No extractions are done in the Budding Facial unless choosing to “add on” to the treatment.  It’s great for people on the go that need a complexion refresher without spending over an hour for a treatment.   


Our signature 75 minute Bloom Facial is ideal for all skin types – even the most sensitive at Bloom Spa in Highlands Ranch we use only the highest quality products for the best results possible your skin will feel smooth and refreshed with a healthy glow our Bloom Facial includes the following:  


Thorough double cleansing to remove dead skin, topical oils, to help assist in reducing pores


 Customizable mask to replenish your skin’s natural oil 


Extractions to remove impurities

Relaxing arm, hand, shoulder, and facial massage with every signature facial is a great option for spa regulars and newcomers alike.


It won’t be long until you schedule visits at Bloom Spa for routine facials as part of your regular skin care regime. We offer package pricing for make it easy to keep up with your skin health.  Make your spa day the best it can be by adding any of our other luxurious add-on services for head-to-toe renewal!


The 90 minute Blossom Facial includes each step described in the Bloom Signature facial, plus the choice of one additional treatments from the following list: Derma plane or Microdermabrasion and LED.

Derma Plane


Dermaplaning is in itself is a form of manual exfoliation.  It essentially removes dead skin cell on the outermost layer of the skin.



Non-invasive technique designed to minimize lines, wrinkles, and imperfections on the face and body.  Microdermabrasion treatment will help improve the overall appearance of your skin. 

LED Light Treatment

LED Light therapy does as much to rejuvenate your skin as it does your mood. Sit back and powernap, soothed by the warm light which works to stimulate collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production resulting in smoother tighter plumper appearance. The best thing about light therapy is that it’s a gentler alternative to other more invasive treatments such as chemical peels, laser- resurfacing or microdermabrasion, which all work by creating a wound effect on the skin and forcing the body to produce collagen to heal the subsequent inflammation.With light therapy there is no wound, the inflammation is simulated, and the collagen is activated! So, you can receive your facial and then go on about your day, uninterrupted.

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