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At Bloom Spa, we offer a wide variety of laser services to help deal with bad and unsightly Acne


Acne facial: $120

Series of 4: $400

Acne can occur at any age with breakouts that leaves your skin inflamed and sensitive. Our approach at Bloom Spa uses botanicas that purity, control oiliness, reduces inflammation, and minimizes future breakouts.  Extractions will be a big part of opening and healing to clean the skin from the inside out.


Acne facial with LED Therapy: $170
Series of 4
: $540
Sometimes chronic, acneic, skin needs a wake up call. LED is the game changer with this treatment.  Thirty
minutes of Light Emitting Diode, LED emits therapeutic wavelength of light energy to revitalize the cells. Stimulating  the production of collegen,  elastin and anti-oxidants and improving blood and lympahtic circulatin.  The corrective benefits suited for acne prone skin will improve skin tone, pigmentation, congestion, soothing, and releaving inflamation.


Jessner Chemical Peel

Series: $170

Series of 4: $540

Jessner is specific for acneic skin.  It treats resistant acne, sun damage, fine lines, ance scars and impactied acne. Most effective done in a series approximately 4-6 weeks apart. 

Jet Plasma

1: $400
Series of 3: $1,000 
6: $1,900
8: $2,400

Jet Plasma is the most advanced Plasma Technology used to brighten and tighten skin, shrink pores, and promote high levels of collagen regemeration.  Used for non surgical facial treatments, acne treatment, anti inflammation, skin lightening and the treatment of hyperpicmentaton

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