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Infrared body wrap (starts at $75)


An infrared body wrap is a heat treatment using infrared energy to target trapped toxins and cellulite below the skin's surface. It stimulates metabolism, reducing cellulite, burning calories, aiding detox, and contouring the body. Infrared therapy employs safe rays that penetrate skin, offering benefits like pain relief, relaxation, weight loss, immunity boost, and improved circulation. The deep heat promotes detox by stimulating sweat glands, aids muscle soreness, and eases stress by reducing cortisol. It also contributes to weight loss by increasing metabolism. Infrared heat raises body temperature, enhancing the immune system, and increasing blood circulation. Additionally, it helps diminish cellulite, blemishes, and acne while rejuvenating skin and improving complexion.




Cauterizing treatment ($50-$75)

This process results in disappearance of unwanted skin growths. Same as for moles, skin tags, cherry angiomas, spider veins and broken capillaries. The current causes cauterization to the root by cutting off blood supply, effectively killing and destroying the abnormal growth without damaging the surrounding tissues. This process may need to be treated more than once to get the best results you are looking for.

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Yeso wrap therapy ($80, series of  6 for $400 save 20%)

Discover Yesotherapy at Bloom Spa—an advanced body wrap method originating in Japan and perfected in Colombia. Using pressure and heat, Yesotherapy helps your body naturally shed fat, reduce size, and diminish stretch marks and cellulite. Experience immediate results with just one treatment, with potential inch loss of 4-6 inches. For the best outcome, opt for a series of 6-10 treatments. Unveil a slimmer, more toned you with Yesotherapy, exclusively at Bloom Spa.



Vibration Plates ($20 - $75)

Vibration plate workouts offer numerous benefits:

1. Time-Efficient: These plates cut workout times in half by engaging more muscles through rapid reflexes.

2. Muscle Strengthening: Dynamic exercises on the plate build and tone muscles effectively.

3. Bone Density: Vibration enhances bone mineral density, particularly in postmenopausal women.

4. Balance and Flexibility: Improved core engagement leads to better balance, coordination, and flexibility.

5. Metabolism Boost: Vibration training raises metabolism, aiding fat burning and weight loss.

6. Hormone Stimulation: It triggers growth hormone release, reduces stress hormone, and enhances mood.

7. Immunity and Circulation: Muscle contractions improve immune function and blood circulation.

8. Added Benefits: Vibration training reduces spinal pain, enhances posture, and stimulates collagen production, reducing cellulite.

For optimal results, maintain a healthy diet and consistent vibration plate routine. Results can be seen in just a few weeks.



Ionic Foot Bath ($50)

The ionic foot bath takes advantages of the healing points in the feet by stimulating them through immersing the feet in water that is ionized. In combination with a healthy lifestyle, ionic foot bath, here are some reasons for using the ionic cleanse detox for your body: weight loss, energy, restore health, rid your body toxins, joint health and relieve stress. You will be amazed at how you feel!

Discover the wonders of body wraps: therapeutic treatments offering slimming, detoxifying, and relaxation benefits. Lasting an hour, they're perfect for spa lovers and newcomers alike. Hydrate post-treatment with water and herbal teas for ongoing detox. Pre-wrap, indulge in spa facilities to boost circulation and prime the skin for product absorption.

During a wrap, masks and moisturizers are applied, followed by wrapping in sheets, foil, or towels for optimal absorption. Each spa adds its unique twist, personalizing the experience. Enjoy benefits like exfoliation, hydration, relaxation, slimming, toning, and detoxification.


Hydrating Wrap ($100)

Exclusive Mud Wrap ($150)

Dead Sea Mud Wrap and Facial ($200)

EM Slim is a non-invasive body contouring and muscle-building technology that utilizes electromagnetic energy to stimulate muscle contractions and target fat cells, resulting in enhanced muscle tone, improved definition, and fat reduction.



EM SLIM (Starts at $250)


Butt Lift Vacuum Therapy ($150, series of 4 $480)

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Discover the allure of rounded derrieres with our custom buttock contouring procedure! Even if diet and exercise haven’t delivered, our vacuum butt lift therapy can help. This revolutionary non-surgical technique lifts and firms, improving skin elasticity by up to 70%. FAQ:

- **What is Vacuum Therapy?** This painless, safe, and highly effective treatment stimulates muscles, breaks down cellulite, and boosts collagen production, resulting in smoother, firmer skin.

- **Am I a good candidate?** Yes! Whether you have implants or not, you can benefit from the Brazilian Butt Lift.

- **What are the results?** Many see satisfaction after four to ten treatments, with maintenance sessions recommended every four to six weeks.

- **What happens during treatment?** Cups are placed on the buttocks for 40 minutes, with adjustable pressure levels for comfort.

- **Can I return to normal activities?** Absolutely! There's little downtime, with minor side effects like redness and numbness resolving quickly.

- **Can it address cellulite?** Yes, by toning the area and reducing fatty deposits, it can diminish the appearance of cellulite.

- **How long do results last?** Results typically last up to 6 months, varying from person to person. Say hello to the butt you've always wished for, without surgery!


Infraslim Body Contouring System ($150)


Infra-Slim Contouring System

Studies have long shown that infrared heat quickly and painlessly penetrates the body about 1.5 inches and heats from the inside out. This process shows that when fat cells are heated they will expand, causing them to temporarily open and expel contents of fat and toxins. This process is known as Lipolysis. When the fat cells empty they shrink, thus leaving a flatter waist, tummy, thighs, buttocks and arms.

Infra Slim Body Contouring is a relaxing non-invasive, detoxifying treatment that takes approximately 35 minutes to perform, and produces effective and thorough lymphatic drainage to promote the body’s natural toxin eliminating functions. The process also allows for the revitalization and oxygenation of the tissues to alim and define areas of the legs, arms and stomach while enhancing elasticity and overall skin tone. The system works by providing heat and pressure to simulate a deep tissue massage to reach below the surface of the skin. The Infra Slim suit is designed with a series of chambers which fill with air providing areas of pressure to increase circulation.


RF Cavitation with Lipo Sculpt ($250-$1,200)

Cavitation, often called "liposuction without surgery," is a non-invasive method to dissolve and remove fat cells using ultrasound devices, without suction or anesthesia. It can be combined with vacuum and microcurrent therapy for quick and effective results. For the best outcome, scheduling treatments every 72 hours is recommended.

Pre-Instructions for Ultrasonic Cavitation:
- Drink a gallon of water on the treatment day (avoid sugary drinks).
- Don't eat 30 minutes before the session.
- Wear comfortable clothing.
- Inform the specialist of any health history or medications.
- Arrive 5 minutes early for your first visit to complete consents.

Aftercare Instructions for Ultrasonic Cavitation:
- Drink a gallon of water daily for 72 hours post-treatment (avoid alcohol and caffeine).
- Avoid eating for one hour after treatment.
- Don't take hot showers, spa, or sauna for 24 hours after treatment.

Refrain from sugary soft drinks, high-fat foods, high starch, and carbohydrates (including alcohol) for 72 hours post-treatment. Exercise for at least 20 minutes after the session to stimulate lymph movement.

- No downtime, resume normal activities.
- Treatment is generally comfortable and painless.
- Suitable for areas with cellulite or localized fat.
- Each area takes 1 hour to treat.
- Results vary, with some seeing a difference after the first session.
- Results can last with a healthy lifestyle.
- Inch loss is more likely than weight loss.
- Wait 72 hours for another treatment.

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Lipo Sculpt Treatment Package (Starting at $65)

12 Pack Lipo Sculpt

$659 for the 12 Pack

$55 = Best Rate Per Session!

20 min IR Light

10 min Vibration Plate


Build Your Own Lipo Sculpt Package 


1 session includes:

Buy As Many as you want! (no minimum requirement)

20 min IR Light

10 min Vibration Plate

Add on Infraslim Body Contouring session or Infrared Body Wrap for $50


*Complimentary Binary Beat LED Glasses with specific meditation messages that balance the brain during your session.

But don't stop here, there's more to discover

Because who can resist a tempting addition?



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