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Enjoy a blissful day at Bloom Spa with one of our luxurious spa packages. We offer a wide range of services, and time frames ranging from 1 to 3 hours, in order to assist you in building the perfect spa escape! Services can also be booked ala carte from our full menu of services according to your preferences.



Indulge yourself with all the luxurious essentials and let the relaxation begin. Start with customized facial, where you will be pampered with a lymphatic drainage massage by our signature infraslim contouring system, along with an arm, hand, shoulder and foot massage using a personalized aromatherapy blend.  Next, a soothing heated wrap over your shoulders warms you while soaking in an ionic foot bath surrounded by Himalayan salt lamps. Following your wrap, our PSio Audio Visual Therapy glasses use light and sound waves with a variety of meditative messages individualized for your specific needs. Wrapping up your self-care escape you will force the toxins out through your lymphatic system with our vibration plate stimulating your metabolism fully detoxifying you.  We will conclude your experience with tea or a greens drink. Truly a getaway from your everyday cares!

2 ½ hours approx. | $269 M-Thur  | $299 F-Su



A wonderful way to spend some time together, reboot and rejuvenate. Enjoy side by side ionic foot baths; while one client receives a mini facial, your partner delights in a lymphatic drainage heated leg massage with our and finishes with vibration plate.  Ending treatments with tea, gor per requested champagne or wine (additional fee)

2 people | 2 ½ hours approx. | $299 *priced per couple



We all need a moment to just BREATHE. As everyone’s lives become more busy with errands, work, kid’s schedule, etc… Take a couple hours out of the busy day for self-care. The perfect package for mom and daughter, sisters or friends. Enjoy these beautifying treatments and each other’s company with a customized facial mask and foot detox treatments. We have other other add-on treatments

2 ½  hours approx.  | $99-$249 *priced per person



Grab your friends for the perfect little getaway. Unplug and share some much-needed spa time. We offer a circuit like experience where you get a chance to do a range of treatments; detox foot baths, leg lymphatic drainage heated massage, infrared body wrap, vibration plate therapy, customized mini facial with LED treatment,  Psio Audio Visual Therapy,  and even more available. We can create a Brunch like experience with mimosas, pastries, and fruit or a “happy hour” event with wine, champagne, and snacks. This is a perfect venue for preparing for a wedding with your bridesmaids before the big day. You also will receive a keepsake gift specialized for your event.

                *price varies depending on service options   





Take time to reflect – on how you feel today, how you look now, and how you want to move forward. Our Reflections Package puts you on the right path, starting with a hypnotherapy meditation specifically selected for the LED and all the benefits pertaining to the service.  Both your physical and mental health will be working to better your skin from the inside out. Detoxify with your whole body with infrared body wrap a customized serum infused into your pores will improve skin’s elasticity, tone, and texture. During bodywrap, you will be treated to our Psio Audio Visual glasses with a soothing light and musical show to calm the spirit followed by cryo balls penetrating active Bloom Spa Skincare into your face.  Completing the service, you will be placed on our penetrating vibration plate. It forces the loose toxins from your Body Wrap treatment to clean, purge, and detoxify. Followed by tea or greens drink to hydrate and replenish.

2 hours approx.| $149 M-Th | $179 F-Su



For those of you who are challenged by trauma, PTSD or just need to de-stress.  You will have a warm hug by our signature infraslim compression suit. It helps you destress eliminate toxins and gives you an overall relaxing experience.  While in the therapeutic suit our Psio Audio Visual Therapy glasses use light and sound waves with a variety of meditative messages individualized for your specific needs. Finalizing the treatment you will stand on our Vibration Plate to shake you up and relieve all to toxic build up so it can flush through your lymphatic drainage system.  It is a truly restorative experience.

1 hour approx. $129

*We offer discounted services for active duty, veterans, first responders.

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