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Cavitation could also be defined as "liposuction without liposuction".  In fact, unlike liposuction, cavitation does not require the use of suction, anesthesia, or other surgical procedures; as it can dissolve and remove unwanted fat found in the fat cells by using a device that grazes the skin and releases ultrasounds. Used in conjunction with vacuum treatment and microcurrent therapy to give you awesome results in a short period of time.
Can be coupled with Infraslim Body System and Body Wraps for the ultimate in body slimming and sculpting techniques.

For BEST results, schedule every  72 hours! 

Pre and Post Care

We will do what we can to help you reach your ultimate goals. 
Part of the success depends on you. Old bad habits with sugary drinks and fatty foods will certainly undermine your goal of a new aesthetically pleasing body that is within your reach. 

Pre-Instruction for Ultrasonic Cavitation:

▪️ To ensure the best results with this treatment we suggest that you follow these recommendations:
▪️ Drink at least 1 gallon of water the day of your treatment (soft drink, soda, juice, or tea is not water)
▪️ You should not eat 30 minutes before treatment
▪️ Wear comfortable clothing 
▪️ Inform your specialist of any health history or medications 
▪️ If it's your first visit please arrive 5 minutes early to complete consents

▪️ Aftercare Instructions for Ultrasonic Cavitation:
▪️ Drink 1 gallon of water (every day) for 72 hours after your treatment (soft drink, soda, juice, or tea is not water)
▪️ You should not eat for 1 hour after treatment
▪️ For best results, do not drink alcohol or caffeine on the day of treatment of 72 hours after
▪️ Do not take hot showers (warm is okay), spa, or sauna for 24 hours after treatment


We strongly suggest refraining from the following:
▪️ Sugary soft drinks
▪️ High-fat foods 
▪️ High starch
▪️ Carbohydrates (including alcohol) for 72 hours post-treatment, giving the body time to eliminate toxins and waste from the body.

Exercise is recommended for at least 20 minutes after your treatment to stimulate lymph movement

We understand this is a huge commitment, but we also understand the results you are looking for. 

Most clients see an immediate change in their appearance after the first session, with optimum results after 6 to 10 sessions.


Q: Is there any downtime?

A: No, you may resume your normal activities after treatment.

Q: Is it painful?

A: No most people find treatment comfortable and painless.

Q: What areas can be treated?

A: Any area where there is cellulite or localized fat deposits.

Q: How long is each procedure? 

A: Each area takes 1 hour to treat.

Q: Will my results be immediate?

A: Everyone's body responds differently. Most people see a difference after the first treatment. 

Q: Will the results last?

A: It will last as long as you drink plenty of water and reduce fatty intake. *see post instruction

Q: Will I lose weight?

A: You will more than likely see inches lost before weight. 

Q: When can I get another treatment? 

A: 72 HOURS 



$50.00 - $75.00

This process results in disappearance of unwanted skin growths. Same as for moles, skin tags, cherry angiomas, spider veins and broken capillaries. The current causes cauterization to the root by cutting off blood supply, effectively killing and destroying the abnormal growth without damaging the surrounding tissues. This process may need to be treated more than once to get the best results you are looking for.

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